Kansas City International Academy provides a curriculum designed to meet the needs of a diverse student population and ensure that every student is engaged in meaningful learning. The curriculum is aligned to the Missouri Learning Standards and prioritizes language and literacy skills. Teachers have the flexibility to modify and adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of their individual students.

Teachers respond to students’ needs by using a workshop model in core subject areas. Classrooms develop flexible routines that allow teachers to work with small groups of students with a common need while other students complete individual assignments or collaborate with peers. Often, students use technology to work toward individual goals. One-to-one technology is provided for students in grades two through eight. In primary classrooms, teachers receive one iPad for every two students.

A large number of KCIA’s students are non-native English speakers who are working to develop proficiency in English. Teachers use research-based strategies that are effective in serving English language learners. A team of ELL, reading and writing specialists work with both teachers and students to ensure instruction is effective and appropriate for all students. The school also employs several translators who provide first-language support to students in the classroom.

KCIA’s menu of elective courses includes a world cultures course that helps students learn about and celebrate diversity. Additional electives include art, music and physical education. A counseling team provides character education.

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