Volunteer Information

Volunteers serve a vital role in helping our students succeed!

At Kansas City International Academy, our volunteers help in a variety of ways and everyone’s talent is welcome!

Ways to Volunteer:

  • Be a classroom volunteer. There are a variety of ways for volunteers to engage in the classroom and the role of the volunteer varies depending on the classroom needs.
  • Be a mentor. A mentor is assigned to a student at KCIA and will meet with the assigned student once a month as a role model during the lunch hour. This is a powerful relationship as it is the goal of the mentor program to establish a long-standing, stable, positive influence for the student.
  • Do you have a special talent to volunteer? These special talents might include graphics design, landscaping, photography or website design to name only a few. Everyone has a talent and is valued at Kansas City International Academy.
  • Do you have a small group and want to come spend time with the students? We have designated days and opportunities for a small group of volunteers (usually less than 20) to work with the students in the classroom. This could include a special project that is planned in the classroom or a one-on-one reading opportunity for all the students to be pared with a reading buddy for the morning or afternoon. These are scheduled and managed on a case-by-case basis depending on the classroom schedules and requests of the volunteer group.
  • Be part of a group volunteer. There are opportunities to volunteer as part of a large company or organizational group. These are scheduled and managed on a case-by-case basis depending on the roles and requests of the group and the school.


You may also have other ideas or a new project you’d like to bring to Kansas City International Academy. All ideas are welcome!

All volunteers are asked to complete a Volunteer Application and a Waiver Form. Please contact Ann Duboc Sweeney, Volunteer Coordinator, to get an application and a waiver form.

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