Leslie Danner – Elementary Counselor

My name is Leslie Danner, and I am one of the KCIA Elementary School Counselors. Before working as a school counselor, I worked for several years as an Art Therapist in a Kansas City hospital. In 2014, I spent time in Costa Rica, where I got to volunteer at a local elementary school. Working with the students there really encouraged me to pursue my ambition of bringing my art therapy skill-set into a school setting. In my free time, I love spending time outdoors, exploring, gardening, reading, biking, hiking, watching soccer, playing with my dog Fred, and relaxing with family and friends. If I could, I would travel the world everyday and immerse myself in all the food, dancing, art, languages, and cultures of our diverse planet! I’m so excited to be starting my 5th year in education, and my 4th year at KCIA! Love does work!

Email: ldanner@kcia.us

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