Francie Grandanette – Art

Hi! My name is Francie Grandanette. I have been teaching art in Kansas City, Missouri for 25 years. I spent my first 15 years of education in high-school and the past 10 years at the elementary level. This is my 2nd year at KCIA teaching TK-4 Art. I received my undergraduate degree from Northwest Missouri State University. I just completed my Master’s in Art Education from The Art of Education University. I use the TAB (Teaching for Artistic Behavior) philosophy at the elementary level. Students are the artist and the art room is their studio. After an introduction on how to use art materials and skill building students are allowed to make choices of what and how they want to create their art, just like real artists. I want my artists to be independent learners and we work hard to achieve that goal. I am married and have a 13 year old son. When I am not teaching I enjoy gardening, taking care of several community cats in my neighborhood, and entertaining friends and family in my back yard.


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